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eco-conscious & sustainable

We believe in the power of unrealized potential and the importance of making a difference. Our vision is to create a caring economy that celebrates inclusive beauty while reducing food waste, one of the top contributors to climate change.

Bananas are held to unfair beauty standards. Through our patented green chemistry processes, we transform "ugly" and "rejected" bananas into high-performance skincare that is proven to help your skin glow while also helping the planet. Plus, we give back profits to the planters through our circular economy.


A symbol of generosity, freedom, and abundance, the banana embodies our vision for a caring, inclusive economy.

The banana tree is a generous herb: 

  • Its large leaves provide shade for neighboring species, enabling their growth.

  • All parts of the banana have a functional and therapeutic benefit.

  • Bananas have provided the French West Indies with autonomy and economic freedom for almost 300 years.

Today, 100% of Kadalys banana growers are shareholders. They're helping us build a circular economy that transforms the waste of "forgotten bananas" into high-performance, eco-conscious skincare.


The banana also represents our vision of inclusive and accepting beauty.

For thousands of years, the Kadalï (banana in Sanskrit) nourished human life and the imagination.

From Asia to the Pacific Islands, from Africa to the Americas, the story of the banana is that of a traveler fruit, and a symbol of cultures coming together.

Following the route of the banana is a bit like following the journey of humankind.

For us, bananas represent the variety and diversity of all types of beauty, regardless of origin.

Inclusive Beauty

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