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Bananas: the natural alternative to retinol

without the negative side effects


Kadalys Skincare revitalizes dry, dull skin and gives it a more youthful radiance––––without the negative side effects of retinol.

Backed a dozen clinical studies and a money-back guarantee.

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Kadalys was featured in Allure Magazine
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"I have tried many different exfoliants. This is by far one of the best I have ever tried! First off, the scent of this product is incredible … Definitely worth giving a try!! "

Mackenzie, Licensed cosmetologist for 10+ years

“I was very impressed. I love the way my skin feels, it's softer and more moisturized. I use it with my jade roller and get the blood circulating and working the fine lines out. I love it.”

Amber, Kadalys Customer

"Kadalys has stolen my heart, and I’ve now had the opportunity to try products with their green, yellow, and pink banana formulas. Each performs beautifully ... 5 stars. "

Tracy, Beauty Editor of 20+ years

"And here comes Kadalys Pink Oil. It is one of the best serums I have used … The glow it leaves is amazing … Recommended for everyone!"

Monica, Master Aesthetician of 30 years

Why Bananas?

The Ultimate SuperFood for Your Skin

  • Strengthen your skin barrier
  • Look healthier & more youthful
  • Enhance your natural radiance
  • Smooth the look of lines & wrinkles
  • Fight free radicals & external aggressors
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Sun-drenched Caribbean Organic Bananas
Kadalys Founder Shirley Billot

our story


Growing up in the West Indies, Founder Shirley Billot witnessed the power of bananas to address skin issues caused by the sun, harsh chemicals, and pollutants.

Using her knowledge of Caribbean traditional medicine and innovative green chemistry, she devised a unique process to convert banana agro-waste into nutrient-packed bio-actives for vibrant skin.

Video that highlights the brand's founder commitments

Clean Skincare You Can Trust


Certified Organic, Natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free

7x Winner of "Organic Product of the Year" in France

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Why Kadalys

Effective, proven results

Backed by 10 years and more than a dozen clinical studies

Good for People & Planet

Fighting food waste, rescuing ocean plastic, & championing fair trade

Award-Winning Skincare

7x winner of France's Organic Product of the Year

Banana Smile Guaranteed

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