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Kadalys Founder Shirley Billot sitting on a gray stool next to green plants and in front of a white wall

Founder Shirley Billot

Founder Shirley Billot holding a bottle of Radiance Oil

Born in Djibouti, Shirley grew up between East Africa and the French West Indies before moving to France.

At an early age, her mother taught her traditional Caribbean medicine, much of which centers on the Banana Tree plant––well-known in the Caribbean for its cosmetic, curative, and well-being benefits.

Shirley Billot created Kadalys to marry her wish to promote her Creole heritage (and the Banana Tree) with her passion for plant research.

Founder Shirley Billot at a banana plant

Through a research program she launched to study the virtues of the banana tree, she developed new cosmetic active ingredients, called "Musactif," that help preserve the health and youthfulness of skin.

Following her discovery, Shirley launched Kadalys with patented Banana Bio-actives in 2012. It was the first eco-conscious, high-performance skincare brand.


I founded Kadalys to make the world a better, healthier, and more equal place.

I wanted to make it better by actively addressing the challenges of tomorrow: tackling food waste and creating long-term and sustainable employment.

This is why 100% of Martinique’s planters are shareholders and included in our upcycling and eco-extraction efforts.


In Shirley's own words

A Banana Hacker's Vision

Kadalys Founder Shirley Billot at a banana plant

In 2012, I created KADALYS, the first eco-conscious brand, world expert in banana science, which develops ingredients by upcycling agricultural co-products from the banana sector and transforming them into ethical and high-quality skincare products.

As activists, my parents made me aware from my childhood of the environmental and societal causes in the countries where we have lived. Preserving the environment and its resources was, and still is, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

My travels and my mixed origins inspired a desire to formulate products and textures that work for all skin types, skin tones and climates.I also wanted to make the world healthier by creating ethical skincare that helped consumers look radiant without having to compromise on quality, natural ingredients, or eco-consciousness.

And importantly, I wanted to improve equality by creating a company that empowers and supports growers and workers.

KADALYS reflects my my vision of a benevolent company that fits in with its times and whose pillars are the circular economy, green chemistry, and inclusive capitalism. Beyond holistic beauty, it is a vision of beauty that is committed to health, gives back, and preserves our environment.


Founder Shirley Billot

Receiving the National Order of Merit, 2017

Founder Shirley Billot

Representing France and Overseas at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance, 2019

Founder Shirley Billot

Receiving the "Coup de cœur" Award, 2017