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Most Kadalys products do not have a banana scent. Most products have a natural citrus or floral scent. You can see the specific scent for each item on each product's page.

Only the Banana Lip Balm and Intense Repair Hand Cream have a banana scent.

Yes, we adhere to the ECOCERT / COSMOS standard, so our ingredients are certified as being of natural origin. The specific percentage of natural and organic ingredients for each product is on each product’s page.

Yes all Kadalys products are vegan.

Our products are plant based. We do not use any material of animal origin in our formulas (honey or beeswax, keratin, milk of animal origin, etc). 

Yes. We love our animal friends and will never test products on them. We believe in safe and effective testing alternatives while ensuring product and consumer safety. We test our products only on ourselves, our friends, and on volunteers.

All Kadalys products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and free of any animal by-products.

Our fragrances contain a unique blend of essential oils, and they're 100% natural. You can discover the specific fragrance for each product on its product page.

No. There is no Chlordecone in any of our banana ingredients, bio-actives, or finished products. 

Yes. 100% of Martinique banana planters are shareholders of our company.

Yes, sustainability and being eco-conscious is part of our brand's DNA.

Our products are packaged either in glass packaging with pumps that separate for better recycling or in recyclable plastic.

Our cases are made from paper from sustainably managed drills (FSC label) without instructions or wedges.

And we aren't stopping here. We continue to look for new ways to being even more sustainable. 

Our tubes are 100% recyclable because they're made of PET in accordance with the ECOCERT / COSMOS specifications.

This type of plastic is still the most ecological alternative for packaging liquid products (excluding oils).

Yes. All our formulas are tested and validated by independent toxicologists for regulatory aspects.

All efficacy testing is conducted under dermatologist supervision and by independent laboratories. All in France.

Yes. We are a French brand originating from Martinique, a French department located in the Antilles. 

Our bananas come from Guadeloupe and Martinique. Our research laboratory is currently located in Montpellier.

No. We follow the strict ECOCERT / COSMOS standard. That means we do not use any of these ingredients in our products. In fact, there are over 1300+ ingredients that we will never use in Kadalys products. We formulate only with Ecocert certified preservatives.

Essential oils by definition contain a large number of active compounds, some of which may be more allergenic than others.

Our fragrances therefore contain trace quantities of substances listed as allergens. We recommend reading gour ingredients lists carefully if you have alergies or sensitivities.  

All our products are natural and are formulated with natural fragrances. Our fragrances are a small part of our formulas. However, always as a precaution, it is recommended to test the products another part of your body, such as your arm or to consult your physician before using a new skincare product.

Our products are not toxicologically contraindicated for pregnant women.


Yes! Kadalys works for all skin types, inducing sensitive, dry, oily, normal, and combination.

Kadalys products are formulated to keep your skin barrier hydrated and healthy.

"Normal skin" is healthy skin. The balance between hydration and sebum is maintained, the T zone (forehead, chin and nose) can sometimes be slightly oily.

Normal skin is characterized by:
- Good blood circulation: to the touch it is hot
- A soft and smooth texture
- A fresh appearance and a bright color
- Little or no imperfection

“Dry skin” is skin that produces less sebum than “normal skin”. It does not have enough epidermal lipids for the skin's barrier function to be maintained. The skin becomes dehydrated faster because with an impaired barrier function, the skin loses its ability to retain water well.

Dry skin is characterized by:
- Feelings of tightness
- A dull appearance and lack of softness

Very dry skin is further characterized by:
- Slight peeling accompanied by a feeling of tightness (discomfort, itching)
- A rough appearance with sometimes even pigment spots linked to premature aging of the skin.

"Oily skin" is skin with significant sebum production. Several factors can trigger an overproduction of sebum: genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, certain comedogenic cosmetics such as makeup products for example.

Oily skin is characterized by:
- Visible and dilated pores - A shiny skin appearance
- Thicker skin
- Skin with imperfections: comedones and acne.

A "combination skin" is a variation of several types of skin between the cheek area and the T area (forehead, chin and nose). The oily areas of combination skin are the result of an overproduction of sebum. Drier areas of combination skin are linked to sebum deficiency.

Combination skin is characterized by:
- A fatty and shiny T zone
- Enlarged pores in this area
- Dry to normal cheeks

“Sensitive skin” is skin that reacts more than normal skin. It can get irritated easily have redness, itching and burning sensations, erythema, stinging sensations.

You should know that skin can become sensitive at any time, especially when its protective barrier function is weakened but also by physical upheavals (pregnancy, aging, etc.). It then becomes vulnerable to external irritants, with manifestations on the face, body or scalp. Its signs can appear anywhere and anytime.

Sensitive skin is characterized by:
- Visible signs such as erythema, scales, edema or roughness
- Sensory signs such as itching, tightness, burning or tingling sensations
Symptoms can sometimes resemble those of dry skin, however they cannot be treated with just dry skin care products, in addition to soothing agents.

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