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frequently asked questions

Why is cleansing important?

Cleansing is critical for good skin health. Regardless of the season, your skin is exposed to negative elements all day long - elements like pollution, sun, rain, sebum secretion, perspiration, diet, and lack of water - all of which can affect your skin. 

Cleansing removes the dirt, oils, and other elements that have accumulated during the day. A daily cleansing routine helps reduce the risk of breakouts and helps sweep away dead cells, bringing newer and fresher skin to the surface.

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How to choose your organic and natural cleansing gel?
Using organic products helps you eliminate exposing your skin to overly irritating ingredients or ingredients that are bad for skin. Surfactants (agents that allow a product to foam) in organic products are gentler. Organic cleansers are also made without endocrine disruptors and their ingredients are usually of a high quality.

In short, when you use an organic cleanser, you’re using a product that is safe for your optimal skin health. In many cases, these products are also vegan and cruelty-free, respecting nature, people and the planet.

Cleansing your skin should be part of your everyday routine, so make sure you choose a product you like (texture and smell).

Which natural cleanser should I use for my skin type?

Your choice of organic cleansing gel should also be made according to what your skin needs, its mood, and your skin type. The most common skin types are:

  • 1. dry skin
  • 2. oily skin
  • 3. combination skin

Dry skin, often sensitive skin, lacks moisture. Choose a cleansing oil that’s rich in fatty acids, or a cleansing milk. The aim is to cleanse the skin without attacking it and to nourish it at the same time.

For combination skin, you probably have oily skin in the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) and normal skin on the rest of your face. Use a non-aggressive cleanser to remove dead skin and sebum accumulated during the day. Don't overdo it on the T-zone and moisturize your skin with a non-greasy cream. A cleansing gel is a great option for combination skin.

Oily skin is skin with excess sebum, prone to blemishes and large pores. However, it is not a skin to be stripped! It should be washed with gentle foaming cleansing gels. Unlike other skin types, oily skin can also be cleansed in the morning, as an overproduction of sebum can occur during the night. In the evening, remove your make-up well with a cleansing oil and wash your face with a cleansing gel to remove impurities that clog the skin. Try to choose cleansers with purifying essential oils (tea tree or petitgrain bigarade).

For the special case of mature skin, a cleansing oil that is rich in antioxidants is a safe bet. Mature skin is fragile and needs to be gently cleansed while being stimulated by massage to help increase firmness.

What is the best organic face wash?
The best organic face wash is one that works for you! It should leave you feeling clean without drying out your skin. As aesthetics are important in skincare, you should find a cleanser where the scent and texture please you!
What are the ingredients and instructions for using Kadalys organic cleansers

Our organic make-up remover oil is perfect for normal to dry and sensitive skin. Take a small amount and apply it in circular motions to remove make-up. To transform its gel texture into a foaming cleanser and milky emulsion, simply wet your face. Your skin comes out clean, soft and illuminated thanks to the rose hip oil and the unifying lemon water.

Need a gentle product to clean your face? Our gel cleanser is the right product for you, no matter what your skin type! The green banana in the ingredients helps the skin maintain its elasticity, suppleness and hydration. This cleanser can be used morning and night on cleansed skin.

Use an organic face wash that is suitable for your skin type and that you like the texture and use. If you feel the need, you can wash your face in the morning, but usually once in the evening is enough. And don't forget that moisturizing is also very important for optimal skin health!

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