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What is banana science?

Sustainable banana science uses natural and organic ingredients from the banana tree to create good-for-you products while also reducing food waste. For more than 10 years, we've studied the amazing health and skin benefits of a banana plant from all aspects of the banana plant: fruit, flower, leaf, stem. This led to the scientific discovery of our patented and powerful bio-actives.

Our research also focused on how to transform banana extracts from unsellable bananas into a potent blend of bio-actives using only eco-extraction and the principles of green chemistry. The result? A low waste effective skincare range designed to improve skin health and reduce food waste. Good for you and for Earth.

Will the products smell like bananas?

No––with the exception of our iconic lip balm.  Our cleansers, treatments, and creams have either a citrus or a floral scent.

To provide an inviting sensorial experience –– one that represents the brand’s tropical origins –– a natural fragrance is added to each product.

All Kadalys fragrances are 100% natural. 

Are bananas good for your skin?

Yes! The banana is a super fruit with amazing skin benefits that are good for every skin tone and skin type, including sensitive skin.  Its unique composition of anti-aging molecules gives it its powerful antioxidant powers to help preserve skin radiance and reduce skin damage. 

Bananas and banana peels are a natural alternative to retinol and full of natural anti-aging properties. In fact, they contain more antioxidant power than argan oil and grapeseed oil. Bananas are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, B6, and other nourishing vitamins. All of these nutrients and essential vitamins are beneficial for glowing skin.

Antioxidants found in bananas can help to protect your skin from free radicals which cause oxidative stress to skin, which can accelerate the skin aging process. Specifically, free radical damage and oxidative stress can contribute to the loss of collagen and elastin, resulting in fine wrinkles, sagging, and texture changes to the skin. It can also trigger hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The anti aging benefits of banana extract and bioactives can help every skin type and tone look healthier and more radiant. Good for lips, too!

What are some banana benefits for skin?

Called “plant with a thousand uses”, the banana tree has been used for centuries in traditional Caribbean medicine for its exceptional cosmetic and therapeutic properties, including the skincare benefits of anti-aging, radiance, and soothing. 

Each Kadalys product boasts innovative organic formulas with 98.5% to 100% ingredients from natural ingredients, boosted with active ingredients to rejuvenate skin and maintain a healthy, radiant glow.

Kadalys transforms unsellable bananas into high performance, organic skincare products designed for all skin types and skin tones.  This makes our products sustainable and eco friendly because we are reducing food waste, a contributor to climate change. We offer eco friendly packaging too. And lastly, two additional, great benefits of banana skincare are that it is vegan and cruelty free.

Is a banana peel good for your face?

Yes! The nutrients in banana peels have skin benefits. If you have acne-prone skin, this ritual will also allow you to purify and exfoliate your skin. The pulp side of a banana peel, when applied to your skin, can help eliminate impurities and dead skin.

You can also create a banana mask out of the banana pulp and a teaspoon of banana oil to keep your skin hydrated and dewy.

Why use natural organic skin products?

You should use skincare products made with organic and natural ingredients for many of the same reasons that it’s good to use vegan skincare products on your skin. Here are three key reasons why organic and natural ingredients are a great option for your skin:

  • Effective skin care. Organic and natural ingredients are proven and time tested. The main reason you want to buy any skincare products is that they really work. Our natural and organic ingredients have been used for centuries, developed from French Caribbean remedies that have been known for their incredible benefits. From bananas grown in the Caribbean to squalane originally found in the Mediterranean to brown algae found in the Baltic Sea, these ingredients have shown they work to help keep skin healthy and glowing. And these are only some of the amazing natural ingredients in our clinically proven skincare products designed to give you a daily glow.

  • Clean skin care. While there is a lot of varying information out there, some studies have indicated that our skin can absorb up to 60-70% percent of what we put on it. That means ingredient reading isn’t just for what we eat but what we apply as well. Using products that are certified as natural and organic can help ensure you are applying ingredients that are not harmful to your skin or overall health.

  • Sustainable and eco friendly skin care. As noted above, cruelty free beauty that does not test on animals can be much kinder to the environment. Naturally and sustainably sourced products can also have a better carbon footprint because they do not negatively affect the biodiversity of where they are grown. Skincare that contains chemicals and toxic ingredients can have a damaging impact on our planet, releasing sprays or perfumes into the atmosphere which is not only harmful but also difficult for nature's resources like water pollution in rivers.

Is Kadalys certified organic skin care?

Yes! Kadalys is an organic skin care brand with all natural products. We're a proud member of COSMEBIO, which means we adhere to their high standards and we use certified organic ingredients in our skincare formulas. Our products are certified natural and certified organic by ECOCERT, with:

  • 95%+ of ingredients must be natural or of natural origin
  • 95%+ of plant ingredients must be from organic farming

Our products are made without silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances, glycols (solvents), parabens, and animal by-products.

Does Kadalys use real, actual banana extract in its skin care?

Yes! We extract our banana bioactives from banana peels and pulp of green and yellow bananas.

Bananas have amazing antioxidant power to help you maintain healthy skin. In fact, yellow banana have more than 21x the antioxidant power of argan oil. Bananas are a great addition to your skin care routine because they can help many skin conditions from keeping dry skin hydrated to reducing the appearance of fine lines. Further, bio-actives from banana extract are effective for every skin type and tone.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, if you're not happy, we will refund your money. See our refund policy here.

Do you offer "Buy Now, Plan Later" plans?

Yes, we offer Shopify payments so you can pay in installments.

Here's how it works...

  • Shop in our store as you normally would. Add items to your cart.
  • When you're done shopping, select Shop Pay as your payment method at checkout.
  • Choose to pay in four installments.
  • You can choose to pay the first installment for your Kadalys items now or in 2 weeks.
  • Then Shop Pay will automatically charge your credit card for each remaining installment every two weeks.

You don't have to worry about any hidden costs or fees.

When you use the Shop Pay function, you'll simply order your Kadalys now and pay later.

Can you send me physical samples?

As a sustainable brand, we do not offer single-use samples at this time.

While we are working to develop a sustainable sampling option, you can try Kadalys in person at one of the 600 retail locations where we are carried.

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