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6 Skin Care Products You Need To Try From This Ultra-Chic French Brand

The Zoe Report: 6 Products to Try

"Launched in 2012, the French Caribbean skin care brand elevates its hero ingredient — the banana tree — as a sole focal point, harnessing its prowess within formulations and its design on packaging and bottles."

"And using bananas in your skin care might just become your new favorite thing. Kadalys Founder, Shirley Billot, noted in a press Q&A that Kadalys’ banana bio-actives are natural antioxidants with skin-soothing abilities. "They are also sustainable resources because they are derived from the recycling of 'forgotten bananas' by the industry, because they are imperfect. Only Kadalys has these exclusive and patented bio-actives extracted from the skin and pulp of green, yellow, and pink bananas," Billot explained. "They’re sourced and manufactured in an ethical and eco-responsible way, respecting the environment and the local economy."

"Regardless of your current routine, Kadalys' U.S. selection is flexible, with plenty of options for every ritual and any budget. "

Products highlighted include:

Radiance Precious Oil

Hydramuse Comforting Cream

Musalift Lifting Day Cream

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel In Oil

Organic Cleansing Gel

Banana Lip Balm



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