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Article: InStyle

InStyle Featured Kadalys Founder Shirley Billot as a Black Founder to Watch


26 Black Beauty Brand Founders Changing The Industry

Simply put, their impact goes way farther than skin deep.

Excerpted From InStyle:

"In 2022, clean beauty is the name of the game — and if you're greening your routine, you can still #buyblack while you do it. Black women like Shirley Billot, founder of Kadalys; Lois Reid-Hines, creator of Tropic Isle Living, as well as Akilah Releford, CEO of Mary Louise Cosmetics are all leading the charge by looking at sustainability from a holistic lens."


"These days, it seems like nearly every beauty brand on the market aims to be clean and sustainable. But with no definitive FDA regulations around what those terms actually mean, it's up to individual brands to set their own standards. And Shirley Billot, founder of Kadalys is making sure to set the bar high.

"I founded Kadalys out of a desire to make the world a better, healthier, and more equal place," she shares with InStyle. "[We're] actively addressing the challenges of tomorrow: tackling food waste and creating long-term and sustainable employment."

With nearly 22 million tons of misshapen bananas being disposed each year, Billot decided to transform the fruit into patented bio-actives, using the skin and pulp of green, yellow, and pink varieties. Together, these ingredients are able to diminish the look of wrinkles, even out skin tone, and smooth out rough patches. Plus, the line is vegan, cruelty-free, and its packaging is 100% recyclable."




InStyle Featured Shirley Billot as a Founder to Watch