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Article: How to Wash Off Makeup Naturally

Image of Kadalys makeup removers and cleansers on a bathroom counter

How to Wash Off Makeup Naturally

Your Super Simple Guide to Taking Off Makeup Without Any Fuss

Hey there! Love playing with makeup? Cool! But remember, taking it off before bed is just as important as putting it on.

Leaving makeup on while you sleep? Not a good idea. It can make your skin unhappy with breakouts and other icky stuff.

Let's talk about how to get that makeup off your face easily and with stuff that's good for your skin.

Taking off makeup shouldn't be hard. Here are some simple steps to make sure you get to bed with a happy, clean face.

With Your Eyes and Lips, Be Gentle!

Eyes and lips can be a bit tricky since the makeup is often designed to be long-lasting and therefore, can be super strong.

A secret trick? Use a bit of oil. It helps melt the makeup so you can wipe it off without rubbing too hard. Just dab some oil on a cotton ball, hold it on your eyes or lips for a bit, then gently wipe away.

Why oil? As we learned in high school chemistry, “like attracts like.” Thats means oil-based cleansers can break down oil-soluble matter like makeup, excess sebum (oil), environmental pollutants, and any residual product buildup. This gives you a deeper clean than you would get with using only a water-based cleanser.

Tips By Skin Type

Your face goes through a lot every day, with dirt, sweat, and makeup. You gotta clean it all off, but in a nice way that your skin will like:

  • If your skin gets upset easily: Try using something gentle like a micellar cleanser. It's like a magnet for dirt and makeup but doesn't make your skin angry. Just soak a cotton ball and swipe it across your face until it's clean. Then rinse.
  • If your skin is a bit oily: A gel  face wash can help get rid of the greasy feeling and clean out your pores without making your face feel dry.
  • If you've got dry skin: Your skin will love an oil cleanser that cleans but also makes it feel super soft and smooth.

Wash Your Face, For Real

After taking off your makeup, it's good to use a face wash to get rid of any leftover stuff. This is called double cleansing.

Choose a wash that's right for your type of skin. Rub it in with small circles for at least 20-30 seconds to get a nice, deep clean.

Don't Forget to Moisturize!

After all that cleaning, your skin needs a drink of water. Put on some moisturizer to keep it soft and happy.

No matter what kind of skin you have, there's a moisturizer that's perfect for you.

Choosing Your Natural Makeup Remover

Going natural is awesome for your skin. Here are some cool options:

  • Cleansing Oil: Great for all skin types, takes off makeup like a champ, and leaves your skin feeling amazing.
  • Micellar Jelly: Light and refreshing, perfect for cleaning your face gently.
  • Gentle Cleansing Gel: Keeps your skin clean without disrupting your skin barrier.  So your skin stays happy and healthy.


There you have it! Taking off your makeup doesn't have to be a chore. With the right stuff, your skin will be clean, happy, and ready for bed in no time. Remember, treating your skin right is the best way to keep it looking awesome.