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Article: What Your Skin Needs In Winter

Image of woman wearing a face mask.  She is sitting on her couching and drinking tea.

What Your Skin Needs In Winter

Ah, winter! That magical time of year filled with cozy sweaters, steaming hot chocolate, and landscapes blanketed in snow. While winter has its own charm, it's not exactly BFFs with your skin.

The biting cold, icy winds, and constant weather changes mean your skin needs a little extra TLC to stay happy and healthy.

Let's dive into what your skin craves during this chilly season and how to keep it glowing even when the weather outside is frightful.

Winter Woes: Your Skin Under Siege

Winter can turn your skin into something resembling a dried-up riverbed, complete with dryness, tightness, and redness. Ever felt like your skin turned into crocodile skin? That's the cold, wind, and shifting climates teaming up against you.

Cold weather and winds zap moisture right out of the air and your skin, while those chilly temps slow down your skin's natural oil production, messing with your skin's protective barrier. The result? A compromised skin barrier that leaves your skin feeling tight and looking red.

And let's not forget those hot showers we all love after a cold day—they're actually not doing your skin any favors. Hot water strips away your skin's natural oils and can leave your skin even drier, redder, and irritated. Your skin becomes more sensitive and in desperate need of a hero to fight off these winter woes.

Fighting Back: Balancing Hydration and Nutrition

The secret weapon? A perfect balance of hydration and nutrition to rebuild your skin's protective shield against the harsh winter elements.

First up, hydration. When the mercury drops, reach for creams and serums packed with hydrating heroes like Aloe Vera or Hyaluronic Acid to combat the drying effects of winter. These goodies help reinforce your skin's moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated and happy.

But hydration alone won't cut it. Your skin also needs to be fed. Oils, butters, and plant extracts are your go-tos, providing the fatty acids and vitamins your skin craves to stay flexible, soft, and healthy. Choose rich, nurturing products to deeply nourish and restore your skin's protective layer.

Don't forget to incorporate these tips into your daily life, too. Eat foods rich in fatty acids, omega-3, and -6, and vitamins. And drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, even if you're not feeling as thirsty as you do in summer.

Your Ultimate Winter Skin Care Routine

Now, let's put all this into practice and build your ultimate beauty routine to conquer the cold:

Face Care:

Double Cleansing:

Don't skip this step in winter! Remove daily impurities with a gentle micellar face wash, then follow up with a soothing gel cleanser to keep your skin clean without over-stripping it.


Yes, even in winter. Shed those dead skin cells to boost your skin care absorption. Opt for a gentle enzymatic peel if you've got sensitive skin, or a soft jojoba bead scrub for a deeper cleanse.


Post-exfoliation, your skin is ready to soak up some moisture. Apply a hydrating cream that calms thirsty skin and reduces redness, reinforcing your skin's moisture barrier.


Switch up your routine with richer products at night. A nourishing oil can replenish essential lipids and strengthen your skin's protective layer without leaving a greasy residue.

For your lips, they need extra love too. Swipe on a banana-flavored lip balm to intensely nourish and repair chapped lips, leaving them soft and supple.

Body Care:

Even hidden under layers of clothing, your body skin needs attention. Exfoliate gently in the shower, then moisturize with a rich body lotion to revive and soften your skin.

Remember, even winter skin can glow

By weaving these steps and products into your daily routine, you can wave goodbye to crocodile skin. And give a warm welcome to soft, supple, and radiant skin––even in the heart of winter!