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The Banana Tree

A symbol of generosity, abundance and freedom, the banana tree is the reflection of our commitments.

Shirley Billot - CEO Kadalys

Core to a Creole garden, the banana tree provides shade to neighboring plants, promoting their growth. Furthermore, every part of the banana tree has an herbal function.

Did you know?

The banana tree is not a tree, but a giant grass that can grow to be 49 feet tall! Its leaves form a "pseudo stem" which looks like a tree trunk but contains no wood.

Banana Tree


For thousands of years, the Kadalï (banana in Sanskrit) have nourished human life and the imagination.

An Indian legend says Adam and Eve used banana leaves to clothe themselves when they were expelled from Paradise.

The Banana tree is present in the Native American and Bantu cultures, and Buddha made it the symbol of the fragility of things because its aerial part dies after bearing fruit.


Named a “plant with a thousand uses”, the Banana tree holds a unique place in the traditional medicine of the French Antilles.

  • Leaves: An antibiotic for wounds. Distilled leaves are used for colds, flu, coughs, and hypertension.
  • Sap (latex): Used for superficial wounds, it stops bleeding and promotes healing.
  • Flower: Improves lactation, regulates menstrual cycles, helps fight against anemia.
  • Green Banana: promotes digestive health (powder). Helps acne, bruises, oily skin (paste). Helps bronchitis, coughs (distilled).
  • Roots: Provides anti-fungal benefits as a tea; can also help abscesses and coughs.


Native to South Asia, the banana tree has been part of the life of mankind for thousands of years.

The Portuguese brought the first banana trees to the Caribbean from the Canary Islands. Banana trees have been grown on Martinique for more than 300 years.

Bananas became the the main agricultural resource for Guadeloupe and Martinique after a cyclone ravaged coffee and cocoa crops and a sugar crisis resulted in closed distilleries.


Bananas are sustainable because they have no seasonality and can be grown year round.


There are around a thousand species of Bananas, but only two types: sweet and cooking.

Made of 80% water, banana trees grow in hot and humid regions such as India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, and the West Indies.

In China, the rare "Lotus banana tree" produces a voluminous and unique flower of golden yellow color whose bloom can last up to 9 months.

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Banana Tree

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