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Pink Banana Bio-Active

INCI name: Musa acuminata extract

Common name: Pink Banana Bio-Active

Origin: Banana from Martinique

Our Pink Banana Bio-Active has one of the most exceptional antioxidant powers in the plant world.

Its antioxidant power is almost 4,500 times more concentrated than Argan Oil, and nearly 3,000 times more as Grapeseed Oil, renowned for their action on the preservation of youth capital.

Rich in phytosterols, polyphenols and a 50% compound of Omega 6 and 9 hydroxylates, Castor Oil and Rice Bran, recognized for treating acne and dermatoses (psoriasis and eczema), the Pink Banana Bio-Active acts on the healing and regeneration of tissues, the reduction of pigment spots and effectively fights against skin aging.

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