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Article: Squalane



INCI name: Squalane

Common name: Squalane

Origin: Sugar cane

Squalane is a saturated form of squalene, which is one of the most common lipids produced by skin cells and is a component of sebum (the natural oil that keeps your hair and skin moisturized). Plant-based squalane is sourced from olives or sugar cane.

Our Squalane comes from sugar cane because this version is ecological, renewable, and sustainable.

Squalane is a beneficial emollient because it helps keep skin hydrated and moisturized. It is easily absorbed, preventing water loss from the skin.

Squalane will strengthen the lipid barrier and restore softness and suppleness to the epidermis. As an emollient, it will soften and soften your skin, while preventing it from becoming dehydrated.

Squalane is commonly used as a moisturizing ingredient that helps keep your skin from being dry and dull. It’s non-oily feel provides the natural moisture back into your skin and keeps skin nourished all day long.