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These Beauty Brands Are Upcycling Food Waste Into New Products

Allure highlights Kadalys as a Beauty Brand transforming and repurposing banana by-products into high performance skincare.

Except:  "The good news: the skin-care side is starting to make strides when it comes to snatching up this produce before it rots. As much as 20 percent of the world's banana production may be discarded due to damage or imperfection, according to one estimate. (That's about 24 million tons of bananas that go straight to the garbage!) Kadalys, a Martinique-based brand, repurposes some of these banana peels and pulp to produce omega-packed extracts used in its skin care. "Bananas have healing and antimicrobial properties," says cosmetic chemist Ginger King. "There are even [brands making] preservatives from banana leaves." 

Allure also highlighted the Hydramuse Thirst Quenching Eye Mask.



Allure feature of Kadalys as sustainable skincare made with banana science

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