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Beauty Matter featured Kadalys in an article about brands that also sell its sustainable ingredients B2B.


"Launched in 2012, Kadalys harnesses the antioxidant powers of bioactives in unused and rescued green, yellow, and pink bananas for its personal care range, helping to decrease the 22 million tons of bananas discarded annually. Founder Shirley Billot discovered the potency of banana by-products through a research program around the polar and nonpolar molecules of the banana tree, which evolved into the R&D branch of the company, and soon thereafter its raw materials side. Billot sees the B2B branch as reinforcing the credibility and efficacy of the B2C brand, while the B2C activities build demand and awareness for the B2B branch. Both are managed by separate teams.

Billot also ensured that 100% of the plant growers involved are also shareholders of the company. Supporting the economic development of the French Caribbean region is of vital importance to her, largely enabled by the B2B side. 'Identifying new uses of agro-waste provides a new financial resource for the Caribbean economy, one that is incremental to traditional businesses like tourism,' she explains.

For Billot, her B2B business was key in creating the industry-wide change she is aiming for. 'When you’re trying to change the world, you need allies and supporters who are also vested in seeing changes come to life,' she states. 'As I embarked on my journey, I understood that the best way to launch a B2B business for upcycled and eco-conscious raw materials was to start by launching a consumer skincare brand. An organic beauty brand allowed me to highlight the innovative bio-active ingredients and create demand with discerning and knowledgeable consumers.'"



Beauty Matter features Kadalys as a brand that also sells B2B

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