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Caribbean-esque Gem

Review of Kadalys on Soiree

"Inspired by two Recherché locations: The Caribbean and Africa, Kadalys Skincare embodies the rich virtues of the humble banana. Founded by Shirley Billot, Kadalys marries her desire to promote the boundless benefits of the banana plant as well as the resplendent tapestry of her French Caribbean heritage.

Kadalys is a benevolent company that fits in with it’s time as well as one that possesses stalwart pillars that foster green chemistry and inclusive capitalism. Kadalys’ collection is beautifully presented and its a eco-conscious, high-performance skincare brand.

It’s collection ranges from the Musalift Lifting & Anti-aging Organic Day Cream, Musalift Lifting & Anti-aging Organic Night Cream, Radiance Precious Oil, Nutritive Precious Oil, Musaclean Peeling Exfoliant, Musaclean Pure Melt Cleansing Gel-In-Oil and Organic Banana Lip Balm."

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