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Upcycled Beauty Products Are About To Flip the Script on What It Means To Be a ‘Waste of Space’

"If you've never given much thought to the provenance of the ingredients within your favorite skin cream, that's about to change—big time. Upcycling, one of 2021's biggest food trends, is making big waves in beauty, thanks to increasingly conscientious consumers who are thinking about the environmental impact of their beauty routines. "Shrinkage, misfit, or leftover food trash is a beautiful starting point for effective skin- and hair-care ingredients," says Tina Hedges, the founder of LOLI Beauty, a line of clean skin care that sources ingredients from organic food suppliers who would otherwise discard potent parts of the fruits, nuts, or vegetables."

"Fortunately, there's no shortage of products to get you started. Wright raves about Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil ($72), a serum made with upcycled plum kernels; she's also intrigued by Kadalys, a collection of skin care made from "ugly" bananas."


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