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Article: How to take care of your beard?

Man holding Nutritive Precious Oil made with Banana Bio-actives

How to take care of your beard?

Time to give your beard the love it deserves!

For many gents, their beard is more than just facial hair—it's a statement, a symbol of their personality and style. Whether you prefer your beard long and wild, or short and precise, it's the well-groomed beards that often turn heads. But, a glorious beard doesn't simply sprout overnight.

It needs tender love and care, and a well-crafted grooming routine. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here, we'll reveal the essentials of daily beard maintenance and introduce you to a must-have product you won't be able to resist.

#BeardGrooming101: Your perfect routine

Behind every great beard, there's a committed grooming routine. Regular upkeep is the secret sauce to a magnificent, healthy, and flawless beard, saving you from the perils of itchiness and dull, dry strands.

It's important to remember that despite the similarities between beard hair and head hair, their pH levels differ, so they need different care.

Let's dive into a daily beard care ritual:

  1. Deep Cleanse: Kick-start your routine with a deep cleanse using a beard-specific shampoo or shaving soap. Ditch your regular hair shampoo—it could strip away natural oils. Beard shampoos and soaps are crafted to protect your beard from external enemies like sweat, dust, and bacteria, while also softening and adding shine to your hair. Dampen your beard with lukewarm water, lather up, massage gently, and rinse well.
  2. Exfoliate: A couple of times a week, treat your face and beard to a light exfoliation. This step is crucial as the beard area can be pretty dry, with dead skin cells often lurking around. To wipe away these pesky particles, try our Exfoliating Peel, jam-packed with fruit acids (AHA) and jojoba micro-beads for dual enzymatic and mechanical action. This will not only get rid of pollution particles but also boost blood circulation and cell renewal. Bonus: this exfoliating action helps prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.
  3. Hydrate and Nourish: Next up, it's time to hydrate and nourish your beard with an oil or balm. These products are rich in fatty acids and work wonders to deeply nourish both the hair and the underlying skin, keeping itchiness and dandruff at bay. Remember, the skin under your beard needs love too!
  4. Detangle and Brush: After pampering your beard, it's time to detangle and brush it using a beard comb or brush. For a gentle touch, we recommend natural materials like wood. Start by softly detangling from the root and gradually move towards the lengths. This not only gives you a sleeker look but also helps remove any remaining impurities.
  5. Trim: Lastly, give your beard a trim to get the perfect structure. A pair of scissors or a beard trimmer will do the trick.

#Oil Up Your Beard Game

Now, let's talk about beard oil—an absolute game changer in any beard grooming routine.

External factors like cold, heat, and daily clothing friction can wreak havoc on your hair. Here's why you need to make beard oil a part of your daily routine:

  1. Hydration: Beard oil moisturizes both the hair and the skin underneath, warding off dryness and irritation.
  2. Softness: Regular use of beard oil softens the hair, making it smoother and easier to comb.
  3. Nutrition: The natural oils used in beard care products provide deep nourishment, strengthening the hair and enhancing its appearance.
  4. Styling: Completing the remainder of the response. Beard oil makes styling a breeze, taming stubborn strands and helping you achieve your desired beard shape.
  5. Protection: The oil forms a protective shield against environmental changes, preserving your beard's health.

Using beard oil is a cinch. After washing and drying your beard, pour a few drops of oil into your palm. Begin by gently massaging the skin beneath your beard for maximum hydration. Then, smooth out your hair with your fingers, spreading the leftover oil.

Zoom In & Meet Our Nutritive Oil

One of our star products, our Organic Nutritive Oil, is perfect for aftershave and beard care. This ultra-hydrating oil deeply nourishes the skin while calming it. Particularly suited for normal to combination skin, it offers a regulating power to prevent that greasy shine.

This ultra-light oil, rich with fortifying and restorative oils, soothes and rejuvenates your irritated skin daily. Avocado oil intensely nourishes the skin, while green tea oil aids in the regeneration of damaged or dry skin.

With each use, your skin regains its softness and balance. Now that's something your beard (and you) will love!

Beard oil makes styling a breeze, taming stubborn strands and helping you achieve your desired beard shape. 


And there you have it, gentlemen—a comprehensive guide to building your perfect beard grooming routine. Now you know the secret to a head-turning, well-groomed beard is not just about growing it out, but giving it the love and care it deserves.

But remember, not all beard care products are created equal. Our Organic Nutritive Precious Oil stands out in the crowd, offering intense hydration, nourishment, and a soothing touch to your beloved beard. Infused with avocado oil and green tea oil, it's a treat for your skin and beard, helping you achieve that soft, balanced, and revitalized look you've been longing for.

So why wait? It's time to step up your beard game. Your beard is not just a style statement—it's a reflection of you. Make it the best it can be with our organic products, crafted with love and nature's best ingredients.

Browse our range, shop now, and embark on the journey to a healthier, more vibrant beard. Give your beard the organic love it deserves and let it do the talking for you. After all, a great beard is the best conversation starter. Happy grooming!