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Article: 5 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Woman on beach in summer facing the ocean and touching her hair

5 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Unleash the summer siren in you with these hair care tips that will keep your locks luscious all summer long.

Don't let the sun, sand, seawater, or chlorine cramp your style. With the right hair oils and care routine, you'll be turning heads with your stunning summer 'do.

1 - Prep for Paradise

Before diving into your summer adventures, give your hair some extra love. Amp up your regular hair care routine with shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and oil baths. This will ensure your tresses are in their best shape before you hit the beach.

Consider taking dietary supplements rich in amino acids, trace elements, and selenium, like brewer's yeast. It's not only perfect for strengthening your hair but your nails too, making them summer-ready.

Got damaged hair already? No worries! Give your ends a trim to prevent split ends from creeping up. This will save you from the distress of having to chop off more than you'd like when summer ends.

2 - Your Scalp Needs a Sunhat Too

Just like your skin, your scalp can fall victim to the harsh rays of the sun, causing it to dry out.

Excessive UV exposure can disrupt the pH balance of your scalp, leading to dandruff. Protect your head by wearing a hat during prolonged sun exposure.

Keeping your hair in the shade also guards your hair cuticles against the damaging effects of the sun and heat.

When unprotected, these cuticles can lift and open up, allowing more UV rays in and leading to dehydration and brittleness.

3 - Swimming? Oil Up Before and After

While we often remember to slather on sunscreen, we tend to overlook the needs of our hair. The sun can rob your hair of its natural shine and strength, especially if it's colored or highlighted.

Avoid the dreaded "straw hair" look by nourishing your hair with organic vegetable oils before and after your swim.

Try the Radiance Precious Oil with Bioactive Yellow Banana. It contains a natural UV filter from macadamia oil, as well as annatto and buriti oils, which protect your hair color and prevent dehydration. Plus, it's rich in omega 3-6 and phytosterols, offering protection, repair, and shine to your locks.

Before sunbathing or taking a dip in the sea or pool, apply some oil to your ends. This coats the hair fiber, reducing the absorption of chlorinated or salted water. After your swim, rinse your hair immediately with clean water.

Depending on your hair type, you can follow up with the Nutritive Precious Oil or the Radiance Precious Oil for an additional nourishing and repairing boost.

4 - Keep Your Color Vibrant

If your hair is colored, have a chat with your colorist before your summer escapade. They can tweak your color slightly to prepare it for sun exposure. A repigmenting treatment with natural ingredients can also help maintain your vibrant hue and give it a boost until your next salon visit.

Natural blondes, beware of your hair turning red or green. A repigmenting treatment can help prevent this. To preserve your color even better, add an effervescent aspirin tablet, the juice of half a lemon, or apple cider vinegar to your rinse water.

5 - Shield Your Locks

While it's tempting to shampoo every day, try to resist. Rinsing with clean water after a swim is enough to keep your hair clean. Brush your hair more regularly to gradually remove any

The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum, which helps keep the hair moisturized. Over-washing can strip the hair of these natural oils, leading to dryness and potential damage. There are several factors that can influence how frequently you should wash your hair, including:

  • Hair type: People with very dry hair may only need to wash their hair weekly or even every other week. Hair is more likely to be dry when it is thick, curly, aging or gray, or treated with chemicals, such as dyes or chemical relaxants. On the other hand, people with very oily hair may need to wash their hair daily or every other day. Hair is oilier when it is very fine or straight.
  • Scalp condition: The condition of your scalp will also affect your hair's condition. People with very dry scalps tend not to produce as much sebum. Washing the hair less often can help the scalp remain healthy, prevent itching and flaking, and keep the hair soft and shiny.
  • Lifestyle: Your activities can also influence how often you should wash your hair. If you engage in activities that cause you to sweat heavily, you may need to wash your hair more frequently.
  • Personal preferences: Some people dislike their hair feeling or looking even a little oily. Others find that their hair is more manageable several days after washing.
  • Hair length and style: Those who have long hair or wear complicated hairstyles prefer less frequent shampooing. This reduces the time spent styling the hair​.

As for the optimal number of times per week to wash your hair, there's no universally correct answer. Some people may find that washing their hair 2 to 5 times per week works best for them, while others might need to wash their hair more or less frequently. It ultimately comes down to what works best for your hair and scalp health, as well as your personal preferences.

Don't let the summer sun dull your shine!

By following these hair care tips, you can keep your locks luscious and vibrant all season long. Take the time to prep your hair before your summer adventures, protect your scalp with a stylish sunhat, and nourish your hair with organic oils before and after swimming.

Whether you're looking to maintain your color or simply keep your hair healthy, these tips will ensure you turn heads with your stunning summer 'do. So, unleash your inner summer siren and shop our organic oils today to keep your hair looking its best.