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Article: How To Prevent Pimples Post-Shave

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How To Prevent Pimples Post-Shave

Despite the beard trend taking the world by storm in recent years, shaving still remains an essential ritual for many men.

But sometimes, your skin might put up a fight, responding with redness or those small, unwanted pimples. These irritations are your skin's SOS signal—it might be unhappy with dull blades, unsuitable shaving foam, or an overly aggressive aftershave.

What's more, splashing on too much alcohol or cologne can fan the flames, leading to even more skin irritation.

But fear not! Here are 5 lifesaver tips to give your skin a happy shaving experience.

1. Soothe Your Skin To Kiss Razor Burn Goodbye

To combat aftershave burns, start by gently patting a lotion-soaked cotton ball on the affected area. Avoid rubbing as it could exacerbate irritation. Kadalys Clarifying Toner, brimming with soothing arginine and moisture-locking glycerin, is a perfect choice to calm your skin.

Follow this up with Organic Comforting Cream as an aftershave. This ultra-hydrating cream is an elixir of green banana bio-active, mango butter, and hyaluronic acid that boosts skin hydration. Its lightweight texture seeps in quickly, leaving no greasy residue. Your skin will feel more soothed, refreshed, and less red, making irritation-induced pimples less noticeable.

2. Check Your Razor To Preventing Pimples and Irritation Post-Shave

Ideally, you want to stop those pimples before they even think about showing up. This calls for a routine that preps your skin for shaving. The key player? Your razor.

Worn blades can tug at your facial hair, causing irritation, poor cuts, and the dreaded ingrown hair. These uninvited guests grow under your skin, forming painful pimple-like bumps.

If you have curly hair, this problem can be even worse as your tightly twisted hairs are more likely to stay under the skin if cut poorly by a dull blade.

Regularly check your blades and replace them at the first signs of wear. Many razor brands today offer a subscription service that delivers fresh blades right to your doorstep. Convenience at its best!

3. Build A Shaving Routine Tailored to Your Skin Type

Remember, some skin types are more prone to pimples.

Dry and/or sensitive skin can react with tiny red spots, while oily and/or acne-prone skin can suffer from a series of micro-cuts, inviting harmful bacteria.

To prevent these problems, it's essential to prepare your skin with the right shaving products. A good routine should extend to non-shaving days too. Regularly maintained skin is stronger and less likely to succumb to cuts and irritations.

Washing your face with a gentle cleanser––morning and night––is a great way to keep your skin in check. Kadalys Cleansing Gel, free from soap and enriched with lipids, is a great choice for all skin types. It rids the epidermis of impurities and excess sebum, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and purified complexion.

4. Use An Exfoliating Peel––Your Secret Weapon Against Shaving

Pimples Adding a scrub to your routine once or twice a week can also be a game-changer. Scrubbing clears away dead skin cells and encourages skin renewal, preventing ingrown hairs and reducing the risk of pimples.

This Organic Exfoliating Peel combines hypoallergenic fruit acids with jojoba micro-beads for a double-exfoliating action that will soften and smooth your skin. Apply it evenly to a cleansed and dried face. 

Time permitting, leave it on for 10 minutes, then massage it in circular motions with your fingertips. To save time, consider scrubbing the night before you shave.

If you have acne-prone skin, apply the exfoliating peel as a mask without massaging, to purify without aggravating existing acne pimples.

5. Prevention Is Key––The Art of Avoiding After-Shave Irritation

On shaving days, protect your skin from pimples by massaging a few drops of oil into it after cleansing and before applying your shaving gel or foam.

A formula like our Nutritive Precious Oil will form a protective barrier and soften your hair. After massaging the oil into your face for a few seconds, apply your shaving gel or foam and proceed to shave. Ideally, let your foam work its magic during a shower so that your hairs are as soft as possible. This will make the shaving process a breeze.

If you're going for a close shave, a dash of our Clarifying Toner––followed by a dollop of moisturizer as an aftershave––will rehydrate your skin and protect it from external elements, in addition to preventing pimples.

If you're just trimming the edges of your beard, apply a few drops of oil all over your beard, purposely extending to your temples and cheekbones as an aftershave. The Nutritive Precious Oil can also be used here as well.

Made with green banana oil and a cocktail of precious vegetable oils from green tea, jojoba, and avocado, it's packed with Omega 3, 6, and 9. This powerful concoction works wonders on your beard, making it softer and more nourished.

For an extra touch of softness, try adding a few drops to your beard before you hit the hay. Wake up to a noticeably softer beard every single day—it's like a night-time treat for your facial hair.


The Clear Shave Conclusion

There you have it - your comprehensive guide to preventing blackheads, ingrown hairs, and other unsightly pimples after shaving.

Say goodbye to post-shave worries and hello to healthy, smooth skin!