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Article: How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summer

How to Keep Skin Hydrated in the Summer

How to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summer

Picture this: It's a warm summer day––with just the right amount of breeze so that you don't feel hot. You're lounging by the pool.

You've got your shades on. You're soaking in the day, sipping on a refreshing drink, and ... worrying about your skin?

Nope! Not this summer.

Because we've got tips for how to keep your skin radiant and well-moisturized throughout those glorious summer days.

Why Hydrate in Summer? Your Skin's Secret Summer Battle

Think of your skin as a warrior, braving the elements all year round.

The winter's chill and summer's sun both pose challenges, leaving your skin thirsty for hydration.

To bask in the sun without paying the price of dryness, your best summer beauty secret will be a trusty moisturizer.

Skin dehydration is a sneaky enemy. It creeps up slowly but can take a while to fix.

A simple solution? Apply a moisturizer in the morning and at night.

A good moisturizer can replenish your skin's protective hydrolipidic film and soothe any inflammation from sun exposure.  

Build this into your daily routine and your future self will thank you.

Is Your Skin Thirsty? Spotting Dehydration

Here's what to look out for:

  • Loss of radiance: Dehydrated skin isn't just uncomfortable, it loses its glow.
  • Premature aging: Skin aging can accelerate without proper hydration.
  • Increased sensitivity: Your skin becomes more vulnerable to external factors.
  • Feeling of tightness or flaking: These are telltale signs of dehydration.
  • Redness: This is more common in dry to very dry skin types.
  • Tiny lines on plump areas: Even oily skin can dehydrate. If you see tiny lines on your cheeks, your skin may be water-deficient.

The Perfect Hydration Match for Your Skin Type

Remember, it's about matching your skincare solutions to what your skin needs. Here's what we recommend:

For Normal to Oily Skin

Summer's humidity and heat can turn up the oil production in your skin. For this skin type, we recommend a light moisturizer, like our Radiant Soothing Gel Cream. It's rich in hydrating and soothing ingredients that control excess oil, leaving your skin with a non-greasy matte finish.

For Normal to Dry Skin

Dry to very dry skin needs a little extra love in both winter and summer. Our Comforting Cream is your skin's best friend—it soothes damage caused by sun, seawater, and temperature changes, and replenishes your skin's protective hydrolipidic film. 

In Conclusion: Your Skin is Ready for Summer

With the sun comes a unique set of challenges for our skin, but with the right hydration game plan, you can enjoy the warm season without worry.

Don't forget to choose a moisturizer that's perfect for your lifestyle and skin's needs.

So go ahead, embrace the summer, and create beautiful memories, knowing that your skin is well-hydrated, protected, and radiant.